Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Manifesto

The entire class would agree with me when I say that Wednesday was not your average day. My group and I decided to explore what the meaning of what true beauty was in the eyes of the average class, to a child's perspective. We placed our version of beauty in the Zimmerli museum, a place known for its art and sculptures. Honestly, I did not think that our group was going to be able to pull it off. With all of the boundaries, and rules to follow, it was hard to prepare. It felt like there was someone watching over our shoulders every 15 minutes. They inspected the flowers and nature that we had brought into their sanctuary. I thought that it was quite comical that the head of the museum only gave us an empty wall to set up our vision of art. He made it very clear to me that he did not want any outside nature to be remotely close to the expensive "art" in the gallery. I do not know if our conscience was interfering, or we felt bad breaking the rules, but I noticed that my group and I constantly were apologizing, and thanking him for letting us be there.

Our first piece of art was heterotopic and the most beautiful, to me. When I go through any art museum I do not understand why everything must be in a frame placed on a flat surface. "'Heterotopias of time' such as museums enclose in one place objects from all times and styles. They exist in time but also exist outside of time because they are built and preserved to be physically insusceptible to time’s ravages".

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Space and Place question
Could a place in time become a space?

A Different city for a different life questions
What is our constant need to break the rules a little to be considered human?

Since today more people are losing jobs and homes, aren't we slowely moving into united urbanism?

Does having boundries make individuals want to break some rules?


Answer to Daniel Wiengards question "Why are hetertopias important?"
Hetertopias provide history to something meaningful. They share a past of a previous life. For example, a library carries many histories of past lives, conquests, and societies.

Answer to Amanda Downs question, "Is the seperation of places (public and private) evident every day to all people, age groups, and societies?"
Yes I believe so, each and every individual creates their own place, either where they can connect to others or themselves and be comfortable.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What I carry with me

What I carry with me is a lipstick my mom bought for me. From the looks of it she was probably in Nordstroms and a sales rep. said that it was a new fabulous look for a young lady. I could probably get away with the color if I was going clubbing, or had a job on the corner street, but I don't. I put the lipstick in my purse to give my mother false hope. To put the thought in her mind, "that one day my daughter will wear it". Personally, I think she forgot all about it, hopefully she does not look in my purse.